Away status Logic

We have seen a pattern of -activity type especially of ‘AWAY STATUS’ in our agent activity report.
We saw there are many instances where the away status duration is of 5 seconds or even less than that which is practically impossible for our agent to manually do.

So we wanted to know the logic or definition regarding this ‘AWAY’ Status and when automatically the status of agent is set as away by Yellow in order to analyse our agent’s performance properly.

Is there any flag where we can highlight the reason for away ie. “tabswitched”, “inactive”, “Manual Away”

Sharing a few data points for your reference.

Hey Srinivas,

We don’t change the status to Away automatically, (based on the question). Also, the agent could be frequently refreshing the page, causing short-duration interruptions. Hope this clears the question.

Hi @Yusuf_Vanwala

Is there any way to know or can be add some status which will help us to identify if that ‘away’ is because of agent refreshing the page or agent manually setting it away?

Hi @Yusuf_Vanwala can you help us a way to prove Away status short-duration could be due to refreshing the page?