Check whatsAppOptIn user property value when v2 notification API is called

When the notification V2 API is called we need to check the users 360 table for whatsAppOptIn field and send notification only to users opted in. Is this possible ?

No. In cloud optin check in V2 is not enabled yet.

Do we have this in pipeline or any feature request raised for it ?

Hi @Jaya_Vardhani_Mantha

You can use the Event Triggered APIs to check optin from User360 before sending a notification.


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any docs on event triggered APIs?

@Wasim_Laskar , Could you help me with the API document

Hi @Jaya_Vardhani_Mantha ,

Its not an API through which the notification will be triggered. We will provide an Event API to send customised events on the Bot and you can configure a Event Triggered Campaign on the latest Cloud Engage Platform to trigger the notification to a specific user whenever and event is captured.

Sharing the internal doc on slack as the external doc is not published yet.

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