CSAT Feedback in Chats Archive inbox cloud.yellow.ai

Hi team,

We are enabling CSAT Feedback in the BOT flow and use database to store the CSAT Feedback. Currently we are looking for possibility to update the data captured from this flow to cloud.yellow.ai inbox module analytics graph (image 1) and chat archive table report (image 2)

Should we handle this using API or we have to configure something here. Need insights. Thank you

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Are you collecting this feedback via the bot flow using Quick Reply nodes or using the CSAT inbox setting

If enabled via inbox settings, we can have this data flow directly into Inbox analytics and reports itself.
If you’re using the bot flow to achieve the same, can you elaborate why?

  1. Using BOT FLow
  2. We use BOT flow to customize the button and copywriting
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any insights on this? Because we also see one recommendation to use bot flow in the direction inside customer satisfaction menu in inbox, so we thought that we can still achieve this archive agent_rating field if we use the bot flow to accomodate csat rating

Hey @Rafif_Elrienanto Since you are using custom CSAT through bot journeys, the data cannot be inserted into the default reports, widgets, graphs that Inbox offers. They only work for the default CSAT feedback functionality.

However, you can store the custom CSAT data in a database and create visualizations of your preference in Data Explorer

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hey @Sandeep_Rajaram yes we have stored the data in the database with all the details including channels, chat link and etc.

We are currently asked by the client to insert the data to archive report unfortunately. That is why we asked on how to achieve this. It will be great if we have the way or method, please let me know :pray:

Hey @Rafif_Elrienanto ,
Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to get the custom data into our default reports and analytics. The only way to visualize the custom CSAT feedback data is through Data Explorer

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ok @Sandeep_Rajaram we have tried to enable the settings, and we are not getitng the csat prompt upon ticket closure.

Any particular setting we have to adjust perhaps within the bot flow or maybe event that might have to be enabled for this feature to work properly? :pray:

Hey @Rafif_Elrienanto ,
Just a note - as explained in the description, this will only work for YellowAi’s web widget channel. For any other channel, you would have to use bot journeys only.

Now, if you are testing in our web widget channel and still facing issues, can you raise a ticket in the PSD board? We’ll fast-track and get this resolved


thank you but we managed to find the solution, we use an API shared by @EgrianoA thanks to him our queries got solved.

PFA the API Curl we used:

curl --location --request POST 'https://cloud.yellow.ai/api/agents/tickets/update_csat_score?bot=x1654594969031' \
--header 'Cookie: ym_xid=<>;' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "botId": "x1654594969031",
    "ticketId": "100183",
    "agentCsatScore": 5,
    "ticketCsatScore": 1