Email based intent trigger and 3rd party ticketing

If someone sends a mail about an issue then is it possible to trigger a ticket creation flow and the ticket is created on the 3rd party ticketing platform like Redmine. There can be even mails to check the status of the ticket. is it possible to fetch the response?

Hey Samarth, let me divide the use case here :

  1. Email received at the bot end, email integration for inbound and outbound : Available
  2. Intent identified from the given email and trigger builder flows accordingly : Available
  3. Trigger ticket creation flow : Possible to do within’s inbox ticketing, will have to check if redmine APIs are available or integration is possible
  4. Email to check status of the previous ticket : This is sort of independent of above and even possible now if redmine gives an API to check ticket status, considering tickets are raised by other mediums, we should be able to tell ticket status over email.

Hi Apoorva,

The prospect shared the Redmine ticketing platform details and the given link has the API documentation.

May we validate point 3 as you mentioned.