Freshchat - Passing Custom field for Transcript

Query - Customer want to get the BOT transcript sent through Freshchat system.
YAI has requested the customer to create a property and to utilize that in YAI to share the custom field.

[ { “name”: “fc_user_timezone”, “value”: “Asia/Calcutta” } ]

We need to know where in Freshchat we need to configure this. Freshchat spoc from customer side is giving API kind of approach which will be custom integration.

This can be directly done on the freshchat portal itself. There is no custom integration required for this. If it’s an API call, then the freshchat spoc can do that on behalf of the client or please ask the client to check with the relevant spoc.

Customer’s Freshchat SPOC needs to know the steps to add the Property in Freshchat. Do we have any documentation for the same?

Freshchat SPOC should have an idea about the same. How can Yellow provide any documentation related to Freshchat’s feature? This is something that has to be done in the Freshchat portal and has nothing to do with yellow. Please ask the Freshchat spoc to check with their technical team regarding the same.