Hello Comunity! Please, could somebody help me with the Email Ticketing configuration? Tks, Luis

We are working on Myralis’ PoC and they’ve asked us whether it is possible to use an email account as an input channel - as if in WhatsApp or Instagram. Is it possible? If not, do you have any workaround which we can present to them?

Just the basic email deflection, or ticketing

@vishnu_priyan can you take this up?

Ticketing is handled by the inbox team. Please refer to this document - Email ticketing overview | yellow.ai. Keeping @Sandeep_Rajaram from inbox in CC.

That´s fantastic… I am trying to understand what to fill in each segment…

Would that be ok? For a first step configuring it?

ok, let´s simplify…

I just need to send an email to the bot, and the bot would reply with a link that would drive me to the website bot, but we need to make things happen… and I got this SS as an evolution: