Inbox Event not getting triggered

I am facing an issue with the inactivity trigger that we have set up for our agent chats in Inbox settings. The trigger is supposed to activate after 1 hour of inactivity.

Despite our attempts to test this functionality in the sandbox environment, the inactivity trigger does not seem to be working as expected.
The use case for this is that the inactive chats should be closed automatically.

Also, we need to track the chats which get closed due to inactivity.

Hey @Tahir_99,

ticket-closed” event will get triggered, if you have enabled the “Automatically close tickets across channels which are inactive” option.

Now Open the Conversation Logs (Studio → Analysis → Conversational Logs) and select the conversation.

Now click on the ‘Logs’ Tab and select the bug Icon on “ticket-closed” event.

Now You will be able see the whole event data in the Log “Event received : ticket-closed”.

This whole “ticket-closed” event data can be accessed on the flow, where you have configured the “ticket-closed” event, by making use “{{{data}}}” (‘data’ → System Variable → Object Datatype)

If the ticket is auto closed because of User Inactivity, then the “{{{data.event.ticketData.userActiveStatus}}}” will have “INACTIVE” as its Value.

Now based on UI (If) condition, you can check this and you can insert required event values into a Custom Database Table.

And From the Custom Database Table, You can create custom Analytics and Custom Dashboards.

Try this out and let us know, if you face any issues.