Idle Timer in Bot

Is there a way to measure the amount of idle time a user has spent on the bot? Similar to the way ticket-inactive/user-inactive works in Live Agent? I am thinking of implementing a feature that if the user is inactive or without response for 20 minutes, then the bot will send a message saying they’ve been inactive. Then if the user responds, it will start from the beginning instead of picking up where they left off.

Thank you,
-Mia Pranckus

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Hey @mpranckus ,
This seems an interesting use case. Let me check with the Product team to check if it’s possible.

Hi @Pratik Sir, do you mean here?

I thought similarly as well with the chat timeouts, but I think this is specific to when a ticket is raised or a live agent is connected. I’m looking for something that will work with the regular journeys. For example, if the user is within the “Explore Products” journey and they have items in their cart. I want to notify them if they’ve been inactive for 20min and that their cart will be cleared.

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