How User Location cloumn Add in report Screen?

In the below report screen (Screenshot by Lightshot) when we generate a report we can download data with the below column name

and we are not able to get user location details (Screenshot by Lightshot) how we can achive this column in an excel sheet

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Hey @umangamin2222,
This information will be present inside the user’s profile object. So in the raise ticket journey, you can just fetch this variable: {{{}}} & store it in a custom field. All the custom fields data are present inside the chat archives report

Hi Team,

as guided we have created a variable and set in one variable

and before creating ticket we have set in custom field

kindly conform or let us know if any changes

Thanks & regards,
Umang Amin

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Can you please use variable node to assign to the variable? Assigning value at the variable creation won’t work.
Please feel to reach out to us if doesn’t work.

Hi Pratik,

as requested we have set in variable node

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Yeah @umangamin2222 this journey should work now. Please feel to reach out to us if you face any issues.

Hi Team,
as suggested we have done changes but still, we are not able to any custom field data in coloum

only below coloum we are able to download in report

ticket_id visitor_name visitor_email visitor_phone subject tags comments group status assigned_type source assigned_to opened_time queued_time assigned_time missed_time agent_current_concurrency first_response_duration first_response_time avg_response_time resolved_time ticket_csat priority agent_rating thumbs_direction agent_email chat_link note number_reassignments initialized_time user_wait_time spent_time customer_agent_interaction_time reopened_by reopened_from reassignment_1 reassignment_2 reassignment_3 reassignment_4 reassignment_5 reassignment_6 reassignment_7

kindly suggest how we can solve this issue ??

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Hey @umangamin2222
It seems like you’re trying this on WhatsApp and {{{}}} is not available for the WhatsApp channel.

Hi Pratik,

kindly suggest the best way to solve it instead of channel-wise bifurcation its takes too much time to resolve the issues.

requesting you kindly do needful to solve this issue in best way instead of the forum knowledge base post.

basically, we wish to extract customer location in excel sheet noting else.

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Hey @umangamin2222

This is more of a limitation from the Channels end, but our team is interested in knowing why do you want location-wise data in the report? How is that related to them resolving tickets?

Also, we can get the lat long if the user shares it on purpose. You can refer to this doc for accessing lat and long: Variables |


Hi pratik,

Still we are facing the issue to extract custom parameters in excel sheet

Hi Umang,

I see no custom fields created in live environment. It is created in dev environment but not in live.

However, chats coming from whatsApp will not have location in them.

HI Sobhangi,

we are not able to scroll in a live environment. in development we have created a custom field and already publish the bot.