Custom Fields Inbox

Is it possible to map the custom fields to respective variables and can the value of those variables come from API whenever a chat ticket is getting created ?


Enable the advance Option

Then Add the custom field accordingly

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Yes @Samarth_Mehta We can store the response of an API call as variables and pass that as custom fields when creating chats as mentioned by @Abdullah_Zuhud above. [Reference]

Let me know if this works

@Abdullah_Zuhud does this work both ways? As in, will the data stored in the custom field also update the variable for the journey?

No @G_Krishna_Chaitanya The values stored in custom fields are not mapped to any variables. Can you help us understand the need behind it? What is that you are trying to achieve?

Referring to this:

When following this mapping, will the values from the custom fields be stored in these variables? My condition is that i need to push these details to the variables so they can be used in the api to be sent back to my db. Currently, data from the custom fields in the inbox module are only available when chats are exported and not otherwise.

No @G_Krishna_Chaitanya This is only possible when you capture the details as variables in the journey & pass it into Inbox and not the other way around.

For your use case, you will have to capture the event data, extract the info you want and save it as variables to be sent as parameters in the API call. @Vikash_Kumar pls explain how to get this done

@Vikash_Kumar @Sandeep_Rajaram can you help me with capturing this information using events?