Nick name for AGENT in Yellow Inbox

Can we configure Agent’s nickname in INBOX so that the real name is not visible to the customer? agent does not use their real name in contact with the customers for security reasons.

This is not possible today.

Curious to understand how the agent’s identitiy/security is impacted here though?
The bot won’t be sharing the agent’s details right… what are some of the privacy gaps observed

Hey @surbhi265 , we can change the agent name from the Inbox Module.

Path Followed - inbox->settings->agent.

@Harshin_Balaji If we change it on that view then the same would appear in reporting and monitoring. The client expects the real agent name for the backend purposes of monitoring, reporting, etc.

Hi @gautham

Its an EU customer and for everything they are overly concerned about security/data/etc. Not sure what exact leakage they are dreading. Will check back.