Salesforce and Yellow messenger

Actually, I want to get the whole data of chats of user and agents in salesforce rather than specific fields as mentioned in documentation. There is nothing written in documentation to get whole data of chat in salesforce.I required those steps to integrate your platform with salesforce .Please provide the solution.

hey @Samprass_Gotherwal
Could you elaborate a little bit on data of chats of users and agents? Do you mean a complete log of the conversation between the user and agents?

yes complete chat history between agent and user in json fornat.

ok, so along with parameters like firstName, lastName… you would also like to pass an object in JSON format of the entire conversation itself right?

yes entire conversation…Is it possible to transfer it?

Hey @Samprass_Gotherwal

Though we do allow for Salesforce nodes to have custom fields where we support JSON objects and other data-types, there is no provision to store the actual conversation logs as a JSON object.

Instead you can use the System Variable: {{{sessionMessageLogUrl}}} and store the URL as a string. The link will give you the full chat history with both bot and agent.

More on how to access the variable: Variables |

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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hey will you provide me the Apex code for Integration…
unable to find the endPoint for getting the UserInformation…i want user name and phone number in salesforce as a lead when user type Hi or hello in chat box…