"Send chat transcript" in Salesforce Live Chat Integration Field

I see there is a field named “Send chat transcript” with only accept Boolean value. May I know what is the purpose of this and what will be look like in the salesforce?

Hello Hasan,

The Send chat transcript field allows you to send the conversation history between the end user and the bot as the initial message to the agent. Since this is a boolean field, pass the value True to send the chat transcript to the agent and if you don’t want to send the chat transcript to the agent, pass the value False.

In cases where the entire transcript exceeds the character limit of a single message packet in Salesforce, the content will be divided and sent as multiple message packets. For example, if the chat transcript contains 8000 characters and the message packet limit is 4000 characters, the transcript will be divided into two packets of 4000 characters each and sent as separate messages to the agent.

will it inside the conversation tab or in the past chats tab ?