Where to find the report of transferring chats from bot to live agent?

Is the number of “live agent” journeys completed represent the same number of chat / assigned tickets from bot to live agent?

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Hi @pdeth

Live agent journey: would be counted as complete if we get to the last node of that journey

Number of chats/assigned tickets: would be specifically for tickets that have transferred from bot to live agent

If a ticket is missed/agent is unavailable, the journey can still get completed without having the ticket assigned to any agent.
So the Completion rate of a journey is not always equal to the number of assigned tickets

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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gauthamGautham Menon
Hi Gautham,

Yes, that is what I am looking for, and decided to join this community. That’s really helpful. However, it leads me to other questions

  • What are other reasons besides missed ticket/unavailable agent? our ticket concurrency is not much traffic as the daily report, meaning our headcount fits to our 16 operations hours. Even if we total all missed tickets+unavailable agents+assigned tickets, numbers are still quite far different from completed journeys. In monthly basic, only 50% of live agents who completed the journey could reach our live support agent.

  • Meaning, the other 50% tried to reach us that is the bad user experience

Do you have any suggestions on this?

Appreciate your response!

I’m not sure about your specific flow and live agent journey, but in most cases we can do analysis in different ways

if you have a 100 users who started the Live agent journey flow,

  • 50 could be assigned to a live agent
  • 20 could be missed chats
  • 20 could be users who switched to some other flow mid way
  • 10 could be users who dropped off/didn’t respond at all before the ticket was raised

For better analysis of your journeys you can check out Overview → Insights → User Journeys → Funnels

This will give you exact data on whether journey was marked #done or #switched or where users are getting lost BEFORE the agent interaction starts

Happy bot building!! :slight_smile:

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Hi gauthamGautham Menon

You hit the point. You sound understood my questions well.

  • 10 could be users who dropped off/didn’t respond at all before the ticket was raised
    I am curious more about your last highlight point as i snapshot you below about [journey started] & [journey completed], these two always appear the same number Whatever timeframe selected. Why does this happen to be the same number all the time? or this is just a step, not a complicated step, just the user started and dropped off immediately, so the system could not catch it. However, is there any way to get the volume of users dropped off?

Uder this “Step wise interactions”, Not include “live agent journey”, so we don’t know how many #done and how many #switch?