Do we have an option to "snooze" or "hold" the chat in case there's more details required?

The problem that we are trying to solve here is that, lets say a customer comes on chat for an issue which cannot be solved immediately. In such cases, we would like to hold the chat for some time (holding time should be selectable by the agent), and once the customer’s issue is resolved, provide an update on the customer on their email about the resolution, and resolve the chat as well. Please guide us on how we can achieve this


You can leave the chat ticket in Active State itself right?
What will be the end user’s experience when the agent performs a “snooze”? How will this be different from not marking as resolved and leaving the ticket in active state.

Once agent finds a resolution, they can come back and create an email ticket to resolve the issue + mark the chat ticket as resolved

Hi @satyama027 Can you respond to this?

@Srinivas @gautham This is a feature that we had available on our previous tool where we could snooze a chat, get the issue resolved internally, and then get back to the customer.

In this case, when the customer’s end of the chat was closed, the tool would automatically send an email to the customer with the update.

Hi Gautham/Srinivas

There are three reasons why we can’t leave the chat ticket in active state

  1. It will show up as active tickets in agent’s chat queue, and agent will keeping back to that ticket by mistake even when there is no actionable from the agent’s end
  2. It will count as an active concurrent ticket for the agent, and trigger chat queue flow even if the agent can handle additional tickets
  3. The high active duration of such tickets will impact agent’s SLA calculation

This is why we need a separate status. Please guide us on how to solve this.

Yellow AI team,

Kindly provide a response on this

Hey @satyama027

I understand why we can’t leave that chat ticket in active state. It does disrupt an agent’s workflow.

Now we don’t have a native snooze/hold functionality for live chats in Inbox yet. We do have them for email tickets since email is primarily an asynchronous channel.

In order for me to help you better, can you pls explain the entire workflow where you’d be required to hold the live chat, solve the customer’s issue and then get back to resolving it? With detailed steps involved?

Also I do have the following questions;

  • Can you explain the reason as to why you’d want to put live chats on hold rather than resolving it completely and work on the customer issue in the background?

  • How & where are you currently tracking the customer issue when you’d put a live chat on-hold? Do you use any tool for it separately like internal ticketing etc.,? Who would the be agents who will work on this? Are these agents different from the agent assigned with live chat?

  • What if rather than parking the live chat, the agent resolves them → Creates an internal ticket, uses that as reference to solve customer issue and then closes that ticket. Here upon closing this internal ticket, we can automatically send an email to the customer with the status update

Do let me know if you’d want to discuss this over Google Meet/Zoom as well.

Hi Sandeep,

PFB the detailed workflow where we are required to hold chats:

  1. Customer reaches to agent with their query
  2. Agent understands the query and determines that it is not something that they can resolve immediately. For example, if a customer is expecting a refund, and a pending refund takes up to 7 days for processing. In this case, agent cannot tell the customer that their refund is processed.
  3. Agent snoozes the chat and raises a Freshdesk/email ticket to the internal team for refund processing
  4. The refund is successfully processed after a few days. The internal team updates to the agent
  5. Agent provides the refund confirmation to the customer on the snoozed chat and resolves the chat.
  6. Customer receives an automated email from the chat platform with resolution and agent comments

Answering your follow up questions below:

  1. If we resolve the chats completely, the chat agent will have no tracking of the issues for which the customers are still waiting for a response. Also, we will not be able to communicate to the customer on resolution of the issue.
  2. We do use freshdesk to raise issues to internal teams. We have separate agents working on Freshdesk. They are different from agents working on live chat
  3. We can explore this, but the problem is you don’t allow internal ticket creation via freshdesk. We want to use Freshdesk as our sole email ticketing tool. Also, if you are sending an automated email to the customer after closing the internal ticket, how will you provide them the context of the chat? How would the customer know this email is related to which chat?

Yes, I would prefer to discuss this over google meet. Please share an invite on

@Sandeep_Rajaram Has this been resolved? We also want to utilise the same functionality if it is available.