Inbox Ticket Management

Is there a possibility of the following two scenarios in Inbox ?

  1. Let’s say a ticket is assigned to an agent and after doing some conversation either the Agent becomes inactive lets say for more than 15 minutes or they change their status to offline. In these scenarios apart from sending SLA reminders, is there a possibility of auto reassignment to some other agent ?
  2. For the chats where let’s say the customer has not responded let’s say for more than 30 minutes so can those tickets be categorised under a different category like On-hold or Snoozed category ?

cc: @Abhijeet_Kumar

Hey @Samarth_Mehta

1 - We don’t have any such reassignment logic out of the box for email tickets. How often does this happen now?

2 - We don’t support any On-Hold/Snooze type of status for live chats yet. What is the need behind this? How will this help the agents? Can you explain the use case in detail? Customers who became inactive, do they usually return back to the conversation?

Can you raise a feature request in JIRA internally for both? Pls explain the questions being asked, context of the customer in detail for us to properly evaluate it

For point 1: Its not email tickets. It is for chat tickets. It is a frequent thing hence the customer wants to know that apart from SLA reminders can the chat ticket be auto reassigned ?

We don’t support SLA for live chats. SLAs are only limited to email tickets.

Can you give more context on the customer, their workflow, their problems etc.,? Also how is this a frequent event? Do their agents not often respond to the chats assigned to them? Can we try to understand more on this?