How can we prioritise the ticket in queue based on the priority

use case :
all agent are full now.
there are 2 users incoming, 1 is guest and 1 is Login user. currently in queue
guest is coming first
login user is coming second

expected : i would like to prioritize the login user first. once agent available, login user should be able to assigned first even though they coming in the second.

I have tried to set the prioritity the ticket for Medium and High. but currently our inbox logic is first comes first serve.

how can we achive my use case above?

Hi Abdullah, Try using groups in this case. Create one group of Login User and one for Guest User.
Have more agents in the Login User group. So that Login Users tickets are getting resolved quickly.

FYI - Groups settings |

@Harshin_Balaji we cant do that. the agent who will manage this 2 type of users is the same only. even though we are set different group, the maximum concurrency for agent is still 1 setting. they want to use this efficiently.

since we got priority i thought we can use that. i will raise new request if this is not covered yet in our platform.

@Abdullah_Zuhud We currently don’t support this dynamic prioritisation of queued chats. Pls raise this as a feature request with the detailed use case