Inbox queries with respect to E-mail ticketing, inactivity and dashboard

Please help with the below queries at the earliest:

  1. If the chat is inactive for certain times can that be auto-transferred to another agent?
  2. If the chat is not initiated by the agent for certain time can that be auto-transferred?
  3. Does Auto-assign happen to the agents for email Ticketing? Can agent grouping be done as well?
  4. What is Priority on the Dashboard and who defines it?

1 & 2. We have the option to close the ticket if it is inactive: Handle inactivity for email tickets |
3. Auto assignment happens for tickets too. You can disable it. To group agents, you can follow these steps.
4. Refer to this doc to understand the monitor page. On the tickets page, tickets are arranged based on the ticket ID (the latest created ticket will be on top).