Inbox Analytics & Integrations

There is a prospect who wants to know the following things with respect to the Inbox module

  1. What is the Refresh rate for the analytics which is shown in the Monitor section of the Inbox module ?
  2. Can there be different concurrency level defined for every group/agent in the Inbox module ?
  3. Can the Agent status tags (Away/ Available etc.) be customised like Away for Lunch etc and the respective analytics for the number of agents under each status ?
  4. Can there be real time report or dashboard to see the number of tickets that are being handled by a specific agent against their concurrency limit ?
  5. Can there be Week on week comparison (This week Monday vs last week monday) inbox analytics comparison at agent level ?
  6. The agent has a ticketing platform at their end for the internal stakeholders to keep a track of the issues and let the relevant stakeholders to work on those tickets and keep updating the info against them, however the customer’s ticketing system does not have any live chat capability to reply to the customers. Hence can there be an integration between Yellow’s Inbox and Customer’s ticketing module for a real time sync ?

1.We auto refresh the monitor dashboard every 1 minute. Users can still manually refresh the page to fetch the latest metrics anytime they want
2. Yes, each agent can have different concurrency - Reference
3. Yes - Reference
4. Yes. You can see that currently in monitor dashboard
5. By default we don’t support WoW breakdown. But we expose our data into Data Explorer where you can summarise on a weekly basis.
6. Not able to understand the use case completely. Can you explain in detail?