Import ticket assignment

So if I receive a large influx of Tickets on the daily; instead of manually assigning tickets to agents, is there any way I can export a list of tickets received and then import assignments to a list of agents?
400 Tickets received
400 Tickets assigned equally to the agents selected?

Auto assignment of email tickets is based on a default logic. You cannot equally assign it to each agent.
@Sandeep_Rajaram please confirm.

Hey @Alistar_Heydenrych_P

You don’t have to manually assign tickets to agents. This is a time taking activity & will affect your FRT, AHT metrics.

If you turn on the auto assignment, we will assign all the incoming tickets to agents based on their availability status, concurrency, groups etc., in a round robin format.

This is indeed equal distribution if we assume all the agents have same concurrency, working hours, breaks etc.,

If the answer is not helpful, can you help define what do you consider as “equal assignment to agents”?