Trigger same live agent

Use case - After ticket has been resolved, we have placed two buttons (query resolved). Yes and No. If user clicks on ‘no’. Same ticket with same assignee should open up.
Implementation - Placed collaborator parameter as true.It’s not working. Any idea?

Manager - @kaushik.natarajan
Tech - @Nisarg Patel

Hey @Kshitiz_Gupta

moved this to the #inbox board

Are you attempting to do the Sticky Agent feature?

Yes please. Similar to sticky agent but it wasn’t working. @Nisarg_Patel has to pass parameter in custom code to get same live agent after ticket re-opened.

Hey @Kshitiz_Gupta Is this resolved? Can you help me understand what is not working?

If you want to reassign the chat to the same agent, you’ll have to use the sticky agent functionality and pass in the same agent info.