Inbox Custom Fields Dropdown list

There is a client requirement that in inbox custom fields , there should be a dropdown list of all the records of doctor name which they have given.The records are around 1 lakh .Is it possible to do so??

Hi Team,
Are there any limitation in achieving the use case?
Ask from the client Customized fields in the Inbox module with pre-populated list data.
For Example : Doctor Name
Client will be sharing a csv file with 1lakh doctors which will eventually increase.

Hi @Atharva_Parihar and @Khusboo, At the moment, Our Inbox Dropdown Custom Field doesn’t support such a huge amount of pre-populated data.

You can raise a ticket to our Inbox team, with all the required details (such us a detailed use case) and they can comment on this further.

As a workaround, We can create a website channel bot (Or Use an Existing Website channel Bot) and can create bot flows for the Live agents. On Website channel bot, We can use Auto-Complete feature which can handle this huge amount of data, by making use of a custom Database Table.