[Inbox] For what cases is a user marked inactive?

We have configured queued chats to be marked missed if a user is inactive for 10 minutes. See below ss.

Currently we see that if we close the browser tab, the user is marked inactive after given time.

We would like to know in what other cases as well will a user be marked as inactive?


Hey @Shraeyas , this inactivity works only when a chat is queued.

A user whose chat is queued will be considered inactive/dropped off if they meet any of the following conditions;
- If the end-user closes the browser (no active windows which is embedded with the bot code is open) and does not return for X mins [OR]
- If the end user who is using a browser on a mobile device minimizes the tab or closes the browser containing the bot and does not return for X mins [OR]
- If there is no mouse or keyboard activity from the end user for 10+X mins

[If there is no mouse or keyboard activity for 10 mins, we start the X mins countdown. So only when 10+X mins is completed, we will mark the ticket as missed

if at any point in time in that 10+X duration, there is some mouse/keyboard activity, the timer is reset and they are not considered as inactive]

Here X is the number you enter into the setting input box.