Masking of text in the Text Bot where user enters the input

When we input any personal/private info for eg: OTP, passcodes etc, is there any option that the text box field will be masked while entering such private inputs?

For eg: Referring to the attached image, here below the user has input their OTP, so while entering can this OTP be masked? (2895 can be visible as XXXX on the screen while typing).

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Hey @Nihar_Sandeep_More

Not sure about it myself

Moving your query to the Web widget category

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In cloud, you have to click on the tools Icon under the cross mark as seen in the screenshot. After that you will be able to see a popup. You need to enable sensitive information toggle in it.


Can we use that particular option only for numbers?
Like if the user inputs alphabets then it should be visible but if it’s only numbered then it should be masked.

It is for a particular prompt, so we cannot do it.

Hi @Harshin_Balaji, is this masking possible to do in the functions is there any script which I can add to the function which masks the user input?

As the hide input option is not available for the step as a function