Can we change the inbox agent feedback rating to thumbs up/down/ emoji?

Currently, we enabled star rating for the agent feedback, can we add thumbs up, thumbs down / emojis?

@Samyuktha_G Can you explain this in detail? Where are you expecting to add this thumbs up, thumbs down & emojis? Are you using default CSAT or custom CSAT? Pls add screenshot for us to understand better

We’ve added this at the flow level @Sandeep_Rajaram

Once the agent conversation is completed, bot will prompt for agent feedback. At this step, client wants emoji/thumbs up thumbs down rating widget instead of star ratings.
CC : @B_Madhuri_Vishwanath

Yeah @Samyuktha_G this is possible. You just have to change the button options in the flow to thumbs up/down, emojis