Display Estimated Wait Time for users in queue

For Users waiting in the queue, we can show the following message as per this article:

Message: “You are at position {{queuePosition}} in the queue.”

However, we want YellowAI to calculate the estimate time it will take user to connect to a live agent, based on previous conversation history and display the same to the user, in the manner:

"It should take approximately {{estimatedTime}} for you to be connected to an agent.

Hey @satyama027 We don’t have an out of the box setting to display an estimated time while the customers are in queue. The reason being, queue wait time is entirely dynamic and depends on a lot of factors like type of incoming issues, agent availability that day etc., Even if we are to estimate a time for it, it will just not be accurate enough.

That is why we recommend showing the queue position which is more of an absolute reference. Let me know if this works with you.

Additionally, You can just use your average waiting time as a static value in the queue message which might be a better experience for the customers. You can find your waiting time either from Inbox → Analytics → Report → Chat reports → Chat archives report or in Inbox-> Monitor → chat trends → Avg. Wait time

You are at position {{queuePosition}} in the queue. On an average, it takes approx 10 mins for one to get connected to an agent from the queue. Regret the inconvenience!